Trust in the LORD with all  your heart, and do not lean on our own understanding.            Proverbs 3:5

About Us

  At Adoption Hopes we know how difficult, lengthy, and expensive it is to finance a private adoption.  It is our knowledge, experience, and expertise that we would like to share with you.  We want to help you build your family through adoption! ​At Adoption Hopes we offer our adoption knowledge and professional experiences and skills to provide an alternative to adoption facilitators and traditional adoption agencies that is both timely and cost effective.  We will help you do your own private adoption from the beginning; profile building, video, social media page, marketing, home study, and more.  To the end; talking to birthmothers, finding an adoption attorney, what to expect traveling and more until the finalization of your adoption. 

We adopted both of our children through private adoption and it was an incredible journey!  Here is Our Story...

Lynn and I began our adoption journey in September 2011 after 2 failed attempts of IVF.  We prayed and discussed how to go about building our family and we felt that God was leading us to adopt.  We began researching adoption and decided to use an adoption facilitation firm.  It was 3 weeks after going live we were matched with our son's birthmother.  We started the New Year as parents and we were so incredibly happy and blessed!  

About 1 and 1/2 years later, we decided it was time to add to our family.  We prayed and discussed how to go about adopting again.  A couple from church knew a young woman that was considering adoption.  They arranged a meeting and we all hit it off!  She asked us if we would like to adopt her baby!  Excitedly, we said "YES!”  After a couple of months, after visiting our attorney with her, after multiple meetings, some "warning signs" begun to develop.  We had agreed to meet at her doctor's appointment.  I (Leah) waited in the waiting room.  She did not show.  Later, she said that she had been in an accident and unintentionally missed the appointment.  It was arranged again to meet her at another doctor’s appointment.  Again, I waited and waited in a waiting room full of expectant mothers with hopes and dreams going through my mind.  She did not show.  This time, she stated that she had car trouble and hinted that she needed a new car.  At this point , we became very wary.  We met her again and she was very reserved, unlike other times we had met.  During the dinner conversation, the subject of money came up and we explained to her that it was illegal to give her any money, or to buy her anything (new car).  She was dejected and cold.  That night we parted, and we  never heard from her again.   

The desires of our hearts remained and we continued to pray and discuss how to go about building our family.  Our hearts desire was to have another child bless our home, but as a middle class family the cost of using the same adoption facilitation firm again was not an option.  We checked out other adoption facilitators however, they were all extremely expensive.  Then, we decided to try to foster-to-adopt and begun the process to become foster parents.  

Soon after completing our certification, a little girl was brought to us.  She was beautiful and we felt incredibly blessed.  The situation was a "low risk" situation, which means that it was likely that she would be eligible for adoption.  Unfortunately, it was not long when we had to let her go to another home that was closer to her birth family.  Our hearts were broken, our son asked where his sister was for 9 months and our home, and hearts were missing her. 

However, we knew that we still wanted to build our family, but we were not willing to try to foster-to-adopt again.  Bless those of you that do, but it was very hard on our son and we did not want to put him through getting attached again for it to not work out. 

We begin looking at facilitation companies again.  We looked at grants, fundraising, etc...  We knew we did not have the money for another adoption facilitator.  We did find an adoption facilitation firm that offered a grant.  We were excited and thought it might be possible.  After more prayer and discussion, we took money out of retirement and with the grant, we hired them.  This experience was very different from our first experience with an adoption facilitator.  This time, we built our profiles, built our website, created, and produced our video, and did all of the necessary parts ourselves. 

Then we waited and prayed and waited and prayed.  This time we were not matched in 3 weeks.  Our hearts were heavy, but we put our faith in the Lord.  After a year, we called our facilitation liaison; up until then we had only had a monthly email that we verified that our contact information was the same.  As we were talking and asking questions, "How many people have viewed our website?  How many inquiries have we had?  How many profiles have you sent out to birthmothers or organizations?  It became apparent that we had made a mistake.  Each time our questions were avoided and when finally pushed to give an answer, we were told, "We don't have that information.  We do not keep track of that.  You have to trust that we are working for you."  Then, came a question from our liaison that in our perspective said it all.  "What are you doing to market yourselves?"  WOW!  We knew we had made a mistake.  The call ended shortly after.  We looked at each other and with tears in our eyes said a prayer of hope and then I looked at Lynn and said, "Ok, let's do this!"  I will do the marketing.  I will do what needs to be done to get our profiles in front of birthmothers considering adoption.  That night I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning building our campaigns and marketing strategies.  In the morning, I discussed everything with Lynn, we prayed about it and that evening we put our marketing plans into effect. 

Now, we did have some birthmothers contact us with questions about types of adoption, closed, semi-closed, and open and with other questions about adoption in general.  We happily responded to each one and knew that at least we were providing complete information for these women.  It was 10 days later that our daughter’s birth mother first contacted us.  We messaged, she had many questions, and we just chatted about ourselves in general.  After all, the point is to be open and honest so that an informed decision can be made.  The next day, she reached out to us again.  We chatted for 4 hours!  I felt like maybe this was it, but I was hesitant to get too excited.  Then, 5 days went by and not a word.  It was so very difficult, and we thought that she had decided not to make an adoption plan.
We prayed and prayed that if this was God's will then to give us patience to wait for His time and if it was not His will for us to have another child then to give us peace to accept.  But then, there was a ding!  It was her!  She messaged that she had a few more questions and her stepmother also had some questions and would I be willing to answer them.  "Of course!”  I said.  We chatted and then she said, "When would you like to come and get your daughter?"  (She was 3 weeks old)  I started to cry, Lynn started to cry, and we said as soon as we could.  Glory to God!

From that moment, it was a whirlwind of excitement.  After all, we had to hire attorneys (2), confirm pregnancy or birth, travel plans, health forms, and so much more!  It was three days later that we were on our way to meet our daughter and it was that night that we held her for the first time. 

So, you may be wondering what this has to do with your desire to adopt.  We know how expensive private adoption  has become and how lengthy the journey can be.  It is our knowledge, experience, and expertise that we would like to share with you.  We want to help you build your family through adoption! 

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