I have prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I've asked of Him.  
I Samuel 1:27

Our Promise To You

We Promise to: 

            -be with you throughout your adoption journey. 

            -provide a free initial consultation.  

            -provide ongoing consultations as you progress through the various parts of the adoption process. 

            - extensively market for you through a variety of mediums that is specifically tailored to your budget.  

              Your marketing budget is flexible and can be any amount you choose.  You can even vary your budget from month to month. 

            - specifically target the right audience for you.  Our Goal is to Help You Find a MATCH in 6 MONTHS.  

               We will provide reports of how your marketing dollars are being spent so as to provide you with a measure of accountability.    

            -  build your website for you or advise you as to how to build it yourself and what content to include.  

            -  build your social media page or advise you as to how to do it and what to and not to include.  

            -  provide a list of homestudy providers from which you can choose.  

            -  consult with you about content for your introductory video profile.  

            -  consult with you about content for your paper profile or we will build your paper profile for you if you prefer. 

            -  provide instructions on video profiles, and photographs  for your website profiles.  

            -  provide Monthly Accountability reporting.  

            - provide names of adoption lawyers, by state, after a match has been made.  

            - consult with you about what to expect after a match has been made.